Our Clients

We like being able to concentrate on our wholesale distribution business and leave IT to the experts at RMS. Bottom line-WE TRUST RMS.

Marvin Walker and Associates

Brenda Messick

RMS offers our practice sound and responsible advice, and at a fair price. We consider RMS our IT partner. They know our business and computer needs and are relied on as a solution provider to GRS. Because RMS has little to no turnover with its technical support staff, RMS has an “institutional knowledge” of our practice that has resulted in observable efficiencies and cost savings. GRS’s record of “down” time is practically non-existent which speaks directly to the level of service provided by RMS. The online solution for reporting a problem works well and response times are consistently prompt. Most issues can be resolved virtually but we have received excellent service when a tech is required onsite.

Georgia Reproductive Specialists

We have been working with RMS for close to four years. As a small engineering firm we really depend on RMS to provide a quick turnaround on network related issues as well as assist us with any hardware problems. The have always provided us with outstanding service. They are able to resolve most issues remotely; however, when on site service is needed they are quick to respond. Their technicians are very professional and all have a very good understanding of the nature of our operations. We kind of feel like they are a part of the team.

P.E., President
Warren Environment, Inc

It has been a pleasure working with RMS. Even tho' we're not "a big fish" in their pond, the care they have shown us over the years would say otherwise. We are grateful for their wise counsel and their eagerness to service....they have served us well.

The Lewis CPA Firm

We have worked with RMS Associates, Inc. for more than 10 years. Their service is prompt, professional and friendly with a willingness to go the extra mile for the client. RMS does a great job of managing client expectations and providing accurate and reliable quotes for service. As a recent subscriber to RMSCare Platinum, we have found this service to be a valuable asset for our business. It is a pleasure to work with RMS and we highly recommend their services.

Evers & Fox

RMS has been responsible for the design, implementation, and support of our computer network for the past ten years. RMS has become a valued business partner through honesty and commitment to fast, reliable service. I highly recommend RMS for all of your computing needs.

S & S Cafeterias

Liliana Pena

I have been with Georgia Reproductive Specialists for the past five years. Since then, I have had the pleasure to work with RMS. We have developed a fantastic working relationship. They are all a great group and are extremely professional, courteous, prompt and ontop of everything, friendly. Whenever I run into a computer issue that I cannot handle, they are there to fix it or guide me through. There turnaround time is outstanding. I have truly been very lucky to have them on board with our practice.

Georgia Reproductive Specialists

Wayne Wilkes

RMS set up and serviced computer networks at two companies which I have or had ownership. I have been extremely pleased with RMS. They are professionals. They conduct themselves and their business in a professional manner. They are always looking out for their Customers. I do not believe RMS would recommend any expenditure for equipment nor systems that did not have every expectation of suiting the need and have an adequate payback on the investment. I particularly appreciate their ability to solve problems remotely and on-the-spot without waiting for call backs. I truly rely on RMS to be my IT experts and they have never let me down.

Tile and Stone Express, Inc.

We have been a customer of RMS for a number of years. They are responsive to our needs and are customer service driven. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cotton & Welsh

It has been a pleasure working with RMS. Even tho’ we’re not “a big fish” in their pond, the care they have shown us over the years would say otherwise. We are grateful for their wise counsel and their eagerness to service….they have served us well.


Scott Slay

We have been working with RMS for close to four years. As a small engineering firm we really depend on RMS to provide a quick turnaround on network related issues as well as assist us with any hardware problems. The have always provided us with outstanding service. They are able to resolve most issues remotely; however, when on site service is needed they are quick to respond. Their technicians are very professional and all have a very good understanding of the nature of our operations. We kind of feel like they are a part of the team.

Warren Environment, Inc.

Dr. Mark Perloe

RMS is not your average IT Support group. Over the years Georgia Reproductive Specialists has worked with RMS, I have come to see them as our IT partners. Rather than simply wiring, repairing and servicing our equipment, they have come to understand our business and how their IT expertise can enhance our medical practice. “ Their monitoring and proactive service has kept our network running efficiently without unexpected downtime. We are most grateful for their knowledge and professionalism and most definitely feel they are part of our team.

Ga. Reproductive Specialists

Dave Schmidt

RMS has a wide range of knowledge. They help fix network issues as well as answer question about software and email. They offer excellent service. A real person answers the phone every time I call. They know how urgent IT issues are for a business and they follow up to make sure the problem is fixed.

Florida Bath

Ken Blevins

RMS Associates, Inc. has been our sole source provider for networking, phone system and automation equipment, installation, software and support for over fifteen years. Through four complete new office location set-ups and numerous upgrades and expansions, Randy Rowe and his competent staff have met all of our needs in a timely, professional, and cost conscious manner.

In our industry, success is based on reliable cost data, meeting deadlines and producing a quality product. RMS has become an indispensable member of our team as a trusted advisor in making equipment upgrade decisions, as well as providing continuous support for the maintenance of our data systems. Knowing that our data files are secure allows us to focus on the task of producing quality buildings and meeting deadlines.

A shiver runs up my spine recalling the days when we tried to work through the latest “computer problem” on our own and agonizing over what equipment to buy that wouldn’t be obsolete the day after we wrote the check. RMS is on top of it and they keep us current – we value that service!

K. Blevins Contracting

RMS has provided Cotton & Welsh with excellent IT services for 8-10 years. Prior to that time we struggled with various IT options – none of which was a success. The entire RMS staff has helped us through the years with numerous projects – a move and a new set up, web site development, multiple PCs and laptops for various salesmen, all with different needs. The level of the service has always been excellent; problems were resolved efficiently; and the recommendations have always been correct. Most importantly in the fast paced work environment of today, RMS responds extremely promptly even for small problems (which at the time seem huge) and gets the issue resolved. We like their prompt and efficient service and like them personally as well – a great group of people

Cotton & Welsh, Inc.

I have been acquainted with RMS Associates, Inc. for six (6) months as a new addition in the accounting department at White Hawk, Inc. I have worked in construction accounting over twenty (20) years. I have dealt with various IT companies and the time you spend calling them and waiting for someone to call you back. No company that I have been associated with over the years has responded to the IT needs at White Hawk, Inc. the way that RMS responds.

I highly recommend the benefits of the RMSCare Platinum customer package. They understand the urgency of having our immediate IT issues and on-going maintenance handled efficiently, timely and with reasonable costs. This allows us to focus on our business knowing that they are taking care of their business. We appreciate and salute Randy Rowe and their entire staff for the outstanding service they consistently give.

White Hawk, Inc.

Grant Whitney

We were looking for a cost-effective way to replace our in-house IT. RMS gave us options that made sense. They have given us ideas to strengthen our company and streamline our processes. We let RMS handle everything from our servers, PC’s, smartphones and iPads – everything. We are very thankful for finding RMS. They were definitely the right choice for Whitco.

Whitco Roofing

Kevin Truesdale

I can’t tell you enough how exceptional your team is!! Jonathon and Randy have been very instrumental in keeping me up and going whenever I have computer or cell phone issues. In fact, on more than one occasion, they have been my life line! Both of these guys are ALWAYS professional, eager to help and posses the quality of patience! I am not very savvy when it comes to troubleshooting, so they graciously meet me at my level of understanding and we work through the problem. Every issue has been resolved in a timely manner and I always learn something new! So thankful we have RMS!!!!


Jack Carew

I am a customer; been one since 1992. Randy Rowe knows me; as do the experts who answer the phone and give advice. I probably have dealt with Randy Voige most of the time. That is not to say anything less about his colleagues. I like them all. Everybody is an expert – and that is why I continue to phone.

I am not a big/ important customer. My payments would not keep you in stamp money. But RMS shows me the same care and respect as anybody who calls and says, I’ve got a problem.

RMS was already in place when I took over this position with the company.They were a "life-saver" for sure, as the company never really had a knowledgeable IT company. RMS responds promptly and efficiently. Their staff is professional and effective.

They come out on-site when needed or requested. They keep the company up-to-date. They recommend solutions. They educate the staff when a problem arises. Overall, great group of guys!

Kwon Pediatric Dentistry

Amber Cooper

Working with RMS makes dealing with technical issues very easy. The team is so helpful and is always respectful of those that are not very tech savvy. We have come a long way from when we first started with RMS. We aren't an average salon since we have 5 locations and a call center, but over the years they now have a great understanding of our business needs and are a huge asset for us.

Bob Steele Salon

I can’t say why we chose RMS to start. But I would argue the reason we keep RMS is the fast and effective service we receive. Personally, I have had some quirky issues pop up and I just take a screen shot and email it. I have to write that my laptop runs well all the time. I can tell when something has happened over night, be it an update or maintenance. I know RMS is not sitting and waiting for a call. RMS is proactively keeping my computer up and running.

I can’t say what makes RMS different because I have no comparison to make. But if I were to compare RMS to other professional services, the quality of the service, urgency to resolve issues, and communicate, and high level of advice makes RMS top notch. I would recommend RMS to anyone.

It feels like I am gushing a bit. But, RMS works. It gets the job done so I can get my job done. I know members of my team have emailed service requests and have returned to applaud the professionalism of the RMS crew.


I can’t tell you why we chose RMS, but I can tell you what keeps us doing business with RMS is excellent customer service!

Everyone is helpful. I have Worked with Bob, and he has been not only able to solve all my IT issues, he is super kind.

Whitco Roofing

Ginger Fowler

I have been with GPM for almost 21 years and I believe we have used RMS for at least 15 plus years. We love RMS and could not operate without them. Everyone there is great to work with.

My experiences with RMS have been nothing but positive. Always there when you need them, respond quickly, resolves every issue that has been submitted in a timely manner and willing to take on any challenge.

SIU Operations Manager

I’m a Business Consultant for Freshens (my employer), my regions consists of some of the Northeast, part of the mid West, and the Dallas Fort Worth area. Some time ago Freshens made the needed decision to utilize RMS, and I have nothing to say but great things about RMS. The few times that I have called, the issues were resolved in a very reasonable time frame. If the issues weren’t going to be resolved right away, I was informed of when they would (I.E. Freshens server issues).


I can speak about RMS from the user end angle. As a department head, I have had the flexibility to work with RMS at almost every level of service you provide. I have nothing but great things to say about RMS and the people within the organization.

HTH Building Services

We came to RMS Associates services originally through Veracor. We’ve worked with Veracor as an associate office here in Dothan since about 2010. RMS handles all of our IT issues and has implemented security measures and Cloud backup among other things. They have been incredibly helpful with troubleshooting issues as they arise. I call them when my boss or I have anything we can’t handle or when the technical parts are beyond our expertise. Often they can suggest a fix right away, they also remotely access our computers to figure out what’s going on. Only rarely have we actually had to schedule a time to have them work on our computers for an extended period. They are user friendly people and have helped us with on the spot fixes more often than having to wait for someone to remote in to fix a problem. I am very much more flexible than my boss is. He relies on his computer, whether it’s by phone or on a laptop away from the office, so he hasn’t got the time to wait on a solution. RMS has been very responsive to him and it does make my life easier since we are a two person office. I have worked with at least 3 or 4 of the gentlemen at RMS and think very highly of their skills. I’ve worked for Mr. Todd for 20 years and we came from a large publicly traded company that had its own IT department. RMS is like having our own IT department. They know who we are, they have fixed all our issues so far and I have been very pleased with the work they perform and the personable manner in which they interact with us.

Before we were associated with Veracor and RMS, we had an independent company helping us with our IT issues. They were not as responsive and often couldn’t help us over the phone as RMS does. Eventually they told us they could no longer help us because we were not a large enough network. Oh well. Seems like things worked out for the best for us. Wouldn’t you agree?


Laurie Lavietes

I am a remote employee for Freshens (headquarters is in Atlanta and I work from Baltimore). For this reason I am very appreciative of the support that I receive when there are log in issues either from my home due to Microsoft Exchange failures, password reset issues or when I am on the road. RMS is my IT “security blanket”.


Jeffrey A. Stephens

It is a great pleasure for me to write this letter to you today. There are many parts to any successful

Organization, but for CPA firms today technology has to be one of the most important. Fortunately for us, your firm has represented us and our clients with unparalleled professionalism and technical expertise for over 10 years.

One of my favorite things about RMS is the way that you help your client's setup technology solutions that are "cutting edge", but also provide great long term value. My partners and I always feel like you encourage us to spend enough money to get a high quality product that is built for long term productivity, but we never feel like we've over bought. That is a very difficult balance to find and your firm has managed it seamlessly for many years. Another thing that I can't say enough about is your service. We always receive prompt and professional service from you and your staff whenever we need it.

We will certainly continue relying on RMS for all of our technology needs and perhaps more importantly we will continue referring you to our clients for their needs.


J. Wayne Lester

I am not sure if you recall but you and your team have served as my IT resource since 1991, the year you opened RMS. I realized the other day that I had never expressed to you my appreciation for the value all of you have brought to my business over the past 17 years. If I am counting correctly my current system is the 4th network you have installed for me. It is probably approaching time for another. In each instance the new system was installed with virtually no down time. After installation the "tweaking" of the system was to a minimum. You assessed our needs and the system you installed accomplished for us what you represented it would accomplish. All of those are important to my staff and me. In the early years I gave smaller IT projects to other companies. I never found the level of service provided measured up to RMS. RMS personnel have always been prompt, professional and on top of the game. Thank you for a job, many jobs well done!