I can’t say why we chose RMS to start. But I would argue the reason we keep RMS is the fast and effective service we receive. Personally, I have had some quirky issues pop up and I just take a screen shot and email it. I have to write that my laptop runs well all the time. I can tell when something has happened over night, be it an update or maintenance. I know RMS is not sitting and waiting for a call. RMS is proactively keeping my computer up and running.

I can’t say what makes RMS different because I have no comparison to make. But if I were to compare RMS to other professional services, the quality of the service, urgency to resolve issues, and communicate, and high level of advice makes RMS top notch. I would recommend RMS to anyone.

It feels like I am gushing a bit. But, RMS works. It gets the job done so I can get my job done. I know members of my team have emailed service requests and have returned to applaud the professionalism of the RMS crew.