We came to RMS Associates services originally through Veracor. We’ve worked with Veracor as an associate office here in Dothan since about 2010. RMS handles all of our IT issues and has implemented security measures and Cloud backup among other things. They have been incredibly helpful with troubleshooting issues as they arise. I call them when my boss or I have anything we can’t handle or when the technical parts are beyond our expertise. Often they can suggest a fix right away, they also remotely access our computers to figure out what’s going on. Only rarely have we actually had to schedule a time to have them work on our computers for an extended period. They are user friendly people and have helped us with on the spot fixes more often than having to wait for someone to remote in to fix a problem. I am very much more flexible than my boss is. He relies on his computer, whether it’s by phone or on a laptop away from the office, so he hasn’t got the time to wait on a solution. RMS has been very responsive to him and it does make my life easier since we are a two person office. I have worked with at least 3 or 4 of the gentlemen at RMS and think very highly of their skills. I’ve worked for Mr. Todd for 20 years and we came from a large publicly traded company that had its own IT department. RMS is like having our own IT department. They know who we are, they have fixed all our issues so far and I have been very pleased with the work they perform and the personable manner in which they interact with us.

Before we were associated with Veracor and RMS, we had an independent company helping us with our IT issues. They were not as responsive and often couldn’t help us over the phone as RMS does. Eventually they told us they could no longer help us because we were not a large enough network. Oh well. Seems like things worked out for the best for us. Wouldn’t you agree?